Fire Fighting


Fire incidents of any class do not spare its victim in a cheerful mood no matter the size and source. Victims are always left in a state of dazed stupor, which also contributes to loss of lives and properties, It is also aggravated by the fact that most buildings in Nigeria do not have fire safety measures for combating fire outbreak.

We considered the dangers of people getting involved and the likely effect it will have if they do not and if they do. To which we are happy to introduce to you our advanced primary preventive measure that is as effective as having a fire service on ground which will buy reasonable time before fire service gets to the scene, hence the need to consciously mitigate a negligible minimal effect it will have peradventure it happens.

Our goal in Rain Bird Nigeria Ltd is to prepare you for fire eventualities,which add value to your properties, reduce risk and increase premium.

The fact remains that most building in Africa do not have these essential elements;

  • Passive fire safety measures
  • Active fire safety measures
  • Management fire safety measures

every modern day commercial  residential facility must have these basic elements that do not cost a fortune.



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