RainBird is a member of Nigerian German Business Council. Over the years we have come to identify and associate with top world manufacturers of equipment who we engage in the delivery of our developmental services.
These are;
Ebara Pumps and Equipment

ebara_history_1Issey Hatakeyama was born in 1881 in Ishikawa Prefecture. He studied under Professor Ariya Inokuty, who was a world authority on volute pumps, at the College of Engineering, Tokyo Imperial University (the current University of Tokyo). Later, he established EBARA CORPORATION.

Dr. Ariya Inokuty, Professor of Tokyo Imperial University, was born in 1856. In 1905, he published the article “The Theory of Volute Pumps”, in which he systematically discussed the mechanism of centrifugal pumps. His article was applauded around the world as “the standard for theory on this kind of pump”.

  • World pumps
  • Groundfos water treatment solution.
  • Alldos
  • Caprari Pump
  • Tormac pump
  • RainFine Irrigation

We have consistently offered innovative and professional services within the private and public sectors.
 Federal and State Governments Water Corporations
 Federal and State Ministries of Agriculture
 Rural Electrification Authorities
 Multinational Oil & Gas Companies
 Private Manufacturing Companies
 Food & Beverages Producing Companies
 Breweries
 International Organizations’ in developmental services.
We remain their sustainable growth partner

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