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Solar (Sun) energy is an important part of life and has been since the beginning of time. Interestingly and in an increasing drive, man is now learning how to harness this important source of energy. Solar energy has become one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources replacing other age long traditional sources of energy like oil and gas, coal, hydro, thermal, even nuclear fusion. These sources are finite and will be limited in availability due to increased industrial pressure on them. And secondly man is turning away from their use as sources of energy because of depleting effect on the ozone layer.

Solar Water Pumps & Solar Lighting technology is changing and adapting to the use of this energy which is renewable in nature in machinery designs. The following are some of such adapted equipment we use in serving the rural communities. Solar water Pumps, Solar Street light, Solar Energy for Domestic/Office Appliances, Solar Pumps.Our Solar pumps, street light are durable rugged and are guaranteed for 20years requiring little maintenance.